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English Translation below:

Meeting POMPOM:一位會用Kirakira來形容她的時尚和音樂的女生

A girl who uses KiraKira to describe her fashion and music.

Photos by  Monika Ottehenning

It is best suited to describe POMPOM with the Cantonese saying "Hundreds of feet; MANY claws"; Painting, editing, directing, performing, writing songs, animations, nail...It seems like she has everything. Talk about Art, call her Audrey Bagley; talk about music, call her POMPOM, a girl who walks in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. She loves all Kirakira (flashing) things, flashing shapes, flashing music, flashing life. The flicker in her eyes does not come from the recognition of others, but from her own pursuit and discovery.


Hf: You are an artist, musician, and director (and many more?). Tell us more about your background. What is it like being multidisciplinary? What do you enjoy doing the most?

POMPOM: Creating music and art is a form of escapism for me. It’s a way to cope with life, and I had a lot to cope with when I was growing up, so art and music were life.
When it comes to doing so many things, some days it’s really chaos. Now that I’m older, I’ve had to learn to say no to a lot of things to be able to focus. I think a lot of women feel societal pressure to say yes to everything. The moments I’m happiest are when I’m in the middle of a project and everything is falling into place or at the end of a song thats been in my head for a while, and I finally feel that I’ve captured what I set out to do.

Hf: Among all your creative projects, are there any themes or fields of interests that you’ve always found fascinating? Where does your creative energy come from?

POMPOM: The Unknown of the Universe really drives my work. My favourite class ever was Physical Science because it made me think of the endless possibilities of what we do and do not know. The book of what we do know is so small compared to the ‘book’ of what we do not know. It’s really inspiring to guess what is really going on with time and space. I feel like the life we live is mostly constructed by humans that came before us- and so we aren’t really as restricted as we grow up believing. We can create new worlds outside the sphere of what we know. The endless possibilities of what we really are, floating in the void of space, I find inspirational.

Hf: You often direct and edit videos. What made you want to step into the spotlight and actually perform in the MV for your single, ‘Stronger’? What was the concept behind the song and MV?

POMPOM: I love the art form of making music videos. When I wrote “Stronger” I was in a really vulnerable place. My mind wandered to the place you feel least strong, where you go to relax, and shed the weight of the day- where you feel vulnerable. Where you can feel alone and be ok with that. I initially only wanted to film ModelBurnbook (aka Cailin Hill Araki) in the video, but she’s also a photographer so she insisted that I be in the music video, too, so we decided to deck ourselves in magic and get to work in a Japanese bathhouse. It was really spur of the moment.

Hf: I really love the makeup in the ‘Stronger’ MV too! How did you come up with the look? How would you describe your fashion style?

POMPOM: Thank you! The jewels were inspired by the bellies of trolls, 80s manga colours, and the desire to be decked out in shimmering objects. I’d been collecting gems for years — whatever made my heart sing.
My everyday fashion sense is usually ‘New Wave’- solid alluring colours with one unusual pattern thrown in. Lately, my recent obsession: I love clip-on drop crystal earrings to finish a look.


Hf: How did you get into new wave / dream pop music? What’s so fascinating about this genre? How long have you been playing music?

POMPOM: New Wave and Dream Pop are genres that look forward. They are genres that accept whatever current new instrument is invented so I really love the ‘looking forward to the future’ and acceptance aspect. They are broad genres.

Hf: Tell us more about the coming album Esper. What can we expect?

POMPOM: A lot of music from my dreams. For example I had this one song playing at a party in my dream that I woke up to, and it wasn’t even a song yet so I had to make it! I hum new tunes into my phone every day.
Some things to expect on the new album would be more gemstones, drum sounds I’ve programmed to be slightly nostalgic for 80s, and the tempo variety will exude all sorts of moods.

It will tell a story and I can’t wait for you to hear it!


Hf: I think the ‘Girls I met through Instagram’ zine is such a good idea! What do you think of the importance of sisterhood / bonding / collective energy between women? Are you trying to deliver the idea of collective power through your music as well?

POMPOM: Positivity among your peers and community is so important. I think it’s so easy to become self absorbed in our digital age- there are a lot of scenarios where someone quietly sits alone in a room at night scrolling through the selfies, comparing their lives. I took the opportunity to forget myself and dig deeper into the lives of the ladies I connected to some way or another through instagram. I hope it empowered other girls to actually form meaningful relationships beyond the image- to encourage people to ask questions and find a relationship there that has nothing to do with comparisons or facades. My music right now is a way of reaching out to others - I believe different people will attach themselves to different songs for different reasons. There is beauty in resonance. There is connection, and where there is disconnection there is opportunity for learning and growth.

3 words to describe your music: Heart / Galactic / Kirakira

Who I’d like to collab with: Grimes, Kenmochi Hidefumi, and a few up and coming friends : )

Favourite animation/movie: As for Animation, I could watch “Laputa: Castle In The Sky” over and over. I love Hayao Miyazaki’s work.

Favourite director and film: As for Directors, there are many, but Robert Zemeckis is pretty spectacular for the heart, and I like the weirdness of David Lynch. For Valentines Day, I’m watching Sleepless in Seattle. I love Contact, and the Truman Show.

Favourite artist and record: Depends on the day really, but Stevie Nicks The Other Side of the Mirror is spinning on my record player right now.

Where you’d like to spend the rest of your life:

Have to travel more to be sure! I’m visiting Honk Kong later this year and who knows maybe I’ll love it.

Next show: Secret

Next project: Secret! : ) You can keep up with my work through the links!

What is music / art: Articulated Feeling.

A fashion/beauty item you’re currently loving: A crystal necklace my friend gave to me.

Life motto: Create more than you consume. Give more than you receive.


POM POM Makeup by Jeffrey Baum Makeup

POM POM Makeup by Jeffrey Baum Makeup