POMPOM began as a solo music project in Tokyo, Japan with the debut single, ‘Stronger’, a song echoing 80s nostalgia, ethereal vocals, and frosty synths; an ode to early dream pop and new wave bands.

Harking back to her Celtic roots and familial ties to Japan, British-American Artist Audrey Bagley recreates herself with the moniker known as POMPOM; dream pop music inspired by 90s anime, nature, and the Japanese term that is known as ‘Kirakira’ キラキラ; glitter, glisten, shining.
As a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, producer POMPOM wrote ‘Stronger’ and created the POMPOM music video as a precursor to the Album, Esper. For the last several years POMPOM has evolved from one girl's musical project to an artistic audiovisual experience with music video features and collaborations seen in Ove Magazine, Hokk Fabrica, At Cost Magazine and Dark Beauty Magazine. POMPOM values the relationship with listeners. Follow the social media links below for updates on POMPOM’s upcoming music videos and other news.