POMPOM lays down Music Production essentials to Dark Beauty Music Magazine

In her latest Elvish Interview with Dark Beauty Magazine, POMPOM talks Dream Pop Music Influences, Music Equipment, Tokyo Travel, and being a DIY reverb alien. READ the full article HERE:


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 Photos by  Monika Ottehenning

POMPOM x Hokk Fabrica Magazine INTERVIEW

Interview by Hokk Fabrica talking with POMPOM about Music and Life. Read the Original Interview and POMPOM Music Video feature in Cantonese here! http://hokkfabrica.com/music-monday-meeting-pompom/  Read the English Translation by following this link: http://www.pompommusic.com/pompominterview


POMPOM x SQUARESPACE Interview up on LACANVAS Magazine

Squarespace reached out to POMPOM to ask about why she uses the platform and details about upcoming POMPOM music projects! Read the Original Interview in English here: https://lacanvas.com/la-canvas-x-squarespace-pompom-interview/


POMPOM 'Stronger' featured on Ove Magazine Red Issue. Watch the originals here or on the Ove Magazine Website here: http://ovemagazine.com/2017/09/11/red/

Video Editorial for the RED ISSUE of OVE Magazine by Joel Cruz / Director & DP: Joel Cruz / Production: BEYOND TOKYO / Model: Erika Gold / Stylist: Kosei Matsuda / Assistant: Emi Ito / Edit & Grade: Joel Cruz / Music: 'Stronger' by POMPOM.

Higher Quality Music Video here: https://vimeo.com/232611650



Featuring it’s dreamy pop sound influenced by 90′s-anime, POMPOM finds herself in Japan amongst friends and family for her latest video “Stronger”. With its deeply-saturated sound drowning in an ethereal buoyancy, the track wrestles with the idea of relationships and its compromises. The POMPOM Music Video, Shot in Tokyo during a meet-up with her Instagram buddy “Modelburnbook”, feature the two writhe and float in the iridescence of a glittered-filled metal tub. Read the rest of the review here: http://atcostmag.tumblr.com/post/152212991978/pompom-stronger

POMPOM x Johnathan LEE


When a rogue industrial-electronic spaceship crash lands on the soft, glittering and glistening dream pop world of PomPom Music, The result is a juxtapose of Wabi-Sabi aesthetics and forceful Brutalist angles. A balance of hard and strange synth sound designs within the beautiful and blissful soundscape world of shimmering synths and 80s Junos. FOLLOW the Dream Pop//Dark Wave artist POMPOM for more on her upcoming release with Malaysian Indie Electronic producer Johnathan Lee.